کیفیت آموزش عالی : رکن پنجم از دوازده رکن رقابت پذیری جهانی

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The Global  Competitiveness


Fifth pillar: Higher education and training Quality

Higher education and training is particularly crucial for economies that want to move up the value chain beyond simple production processes and products. In particular, today’s globalizing economy requires countries to nurture pools of well-educated workers who are able to perform complex tasks and adapt rapidly to their changing environment and the evolving needs of the economy. This pillar measures secondary and tertiary enrollment rates as well as the quality of education as evaluated by the business community. The extent of staff training is also taken into consideration because of the importance of vocational and continuous on-the-job training—which is neglected in many economies—for ensuring a constant upgrading of workers’ skills.


The Global  Competitiveness Report ,2012–2013 .World Economic Forum. Geneva


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